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We produce the extract using the so-called 'supercritical CO2 method'.


The process is one of the purest cannabinoid extractions that does not leave any questionable solvent residues. This method is particularly effective in extracting a high proportion of valuable ingredients. 

Production Process_Zeichenfläche 1-01.png

See the following figure: 

1 / & 2 / Under a certain pressure and a defined temperature,

CO2 is liquefied by a pump and transported into the second tank.

3 / The second tank contains the cannabis flowers. Through the flow, the ingredients of the flowers are released. The extract obtained from the flowers is conveyed to the separator.


4 / In the separator, the liquid CO2 is converted back into gaseous CO2 and thus separated from the extract. The excess CO2 is returned to the storage tank.


5 / The cannabis extract obtained is now fed into a collecting vessel and 

is ready to be removed.

Production Process_Zeichenfläche 1-02.png

After analysis, the CBD / hemp extract is mixed with organic hemp seed oil.

The formulation takes place according to the desired concentration in percent

and is then ready for filling. 

Manufacturing & Quality

At NECTAR, quality begins with the careful selection of plants.

They come 100% from our own breeding and are tested both by us and independent laboratories for their suitability and quality.


The cultivation of the flowers is done in a resource-saving way by means of modern drip irrigation systems. We do not expose our plants to harmful pesticides. From hundreds of plants, the best are selected by means of content analysis and strict selection, which are transferred to controlled cultivation. There they are raised to mother plants. From these we gain offshoots, which we use for the production of our high-quality raw materials.

The care taken in the selection of the varieties guarantees that we receive quality raw materials of the highest and most consistent purity as the basis for the production of our CBD extracts.


Regular field and laboratory analyses are performed to guarantee and maintain the best possible quality. The following three analyses are performed: Pesticide screening, heavy metal testing, and microbiological testing (bacterial contamination and mold).

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