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NECTAR CBD Oil is produced through a gentle extraction, which produces a high quality product & guarantees a very high purity and concentration of CBD and other valuable ingredients.  The full range of plants is used.

CBD Oil Full Spectrum 20%

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  • Taste: slightly nutty & fine-tart


    Ingredients: hemp seed oil & hemp extract


    mg CBD / drops: approx. 5.7 mg CBD

    Content: 2000 mg CBD per 10 ml


    After opening, it is important to store the oil in a dark and cool place - for example in the refrigerator - in order to maintain its full quality over a period of several months.

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Full Spectrum CBD Oil

NECTAR has a high content of essential oils, cannabinoids, flavonoids as well as omega 3, 6 and other unsaturated fatty acids.
Terpene entourage effect
Simple & Pure:
Hemp seed oil & extract
Best organic quality
hemp seed oil
Gentle extraction
Regular quality inspection
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